Aruba Airstream Experience

Water ponds and fountains for our birdies

Most visitors would not notice but we have 2 water ponds (one with a fancy solar fountain) around the property for birds. They are a bit hidden but easily visible if you are observant. About 3 years ago we noticed that the bird population around the property had drastically declined. It took awhile to process but it became very apparent after some time. After living in this area for 13 years and my husband for 35 years we had the awareness to notice this sad development. Can you imagine a world without nature and its beautiful inhabitants? It was so quiet around and the more you obviously pay attention the more you notice. So we decided to provide water in early 2019. Aruba had just been in a very long drought and water was a hard commodity to come by in our hot climate. We got the idea when we observed one of the few left over Humming birds enjoying our spray sprinkler twice a day. We got to work and created the ponds as natural as possible with as little store bought supplies as possible. Well!!!!  Fast forward 1.5 years and its rather noisy around here  we went from one extreme to the other. Trupials, Bananaquits, Moffies Warawara’s and countless others have finally taking over the area again, even rare birds feel safe here now. Just recently we spotted a Gonzalito (Yellow Oriole), which is a rarity. Not only has the bird population significantly increased but apparently we have become a hotspot for nesting as well. Who knew? There are nests all over the property and not only in trees. We have 2 in lamps in our enclosed porch that keeps rotating families in the past 6 months of Bananquits and be careful while hanging your bras or bikini tops outside, which appears to be a favorite place for Trupials to build a nest within a few hours. It’s been a fun adventure and joy to witness it all come back. Check out some of the pictures and videos below.