Aruba Airstream Experience


One of the reasons, I decided to add a blog to this website is to highlight amazing local artists and people that in one way or the other contribute to the success of our small endeavor or in general to the local creator movement which has been growing leaps and bounds in the last 3 years. Today I would like to introduce you to:


I stumbled upon Maja when she was painting a beautiful palm leaf mural for an acquaintance of mine on Instagram.  I had been breaking my head over what to do with two very old gate pillars right next to the Airstream. All I knew is that I wanted them to be different than just slapping a coat of paint on it. So naturally, I felt lucky to come across her IG profile, which showcases her unique talent. She agreed to come and check out the task even though it was much smaller than her usual jobs.

I don’t think I was quite prepared for the charming, direct and self- deprecating humorous single mother from Serbia that I met that day in late August of 2019 . J.  I instantly knew that what ever she decided to paint it was going to be fantastic. It turned out wonderful and this project led to her custom creating a few driftwood art pieces for us, which are displayed around the Airstream and are a good reflection of its enviroment.

Check out her work on or her IG profile

She creates custom pieces or has beautiful ready creations that make unique gifts and souvenirs from Aruba while supporting the real small creators based in Aruba.