Aruba Airstream Experience

The Burrowing Aruban Owl

The Aruba Burrowing Owl or Shoco is the National Symbol of Aruba and simply the cutest bird around.

Sadly, the Shoco’s population has greatly diminished in the last few decades and is now considered endangered, with estimates of less than 200 pairs remaining on the island. Threats include over-development and the invasive boa constrictor. In our area it has primarily been the invasive Boa that has reduced the population.  While the owl is not currently officially protected on Aruba, many conservation efforts are being made to safe them from extinction. Happy Cadushi Nature Reserve is one of them. We have installed two artificial owl’s nest around the property and are working on a 3rd in the hopes that it will somehow contribute a little in the rescue of these beautiful birds. The highlight for us was when we got the opportunity to foster an owl couple during their relocation journey while the national lock down was in effect. Check out the pictures below. Want to support our conservation efforts? Consider checking out our store. 100 percent of the profits go directly to the Happy Cadushi Nature Reserve Foundation.