Aruba Airstream Experience

The Origins of our foundation

After working tirelessly & self- funded in the last 3 years in bringing back a noticeable declining bird population in the area, we decided to finally form a nature protection foundation to not only restore the local fauna but also to protect the beautiful flora in this particular area. After many pandemic related delays, Happy Cadushi Nature Reserve was founded in September of 2020.



The goal of the foundation is to continue our successful effort to give birds a safe heaven in this area, provide friendly conditions for nesting, build artificial nesting areas to help mother nature along and of course provide nourishment.
Plant new trees & plants monthly and protect the many existing ones.
Among many others a 400 year old Wayaca tree is located on the property.
100% of the profit from our store will be donated to this foundation, which will assist in covering some of the expenses. So when you purchase one of our cool mugs or t-shirts know that it will make a difference to nature.
Please check our blog for documentation of these efforts.

In Previous Years

Hardwood types

We privately donated to local community organizations such as the local Women’s club, the Domestic Violence Shelter, Red Cross and Orphanages. However, taking into account the declining social situation in Aruba caused by the recent pandemic, we will start donating 10% of our monthly profits from Aruba Airstream Experience in January of 2020. We will carefully select each month a different foundation focusing on providing food and assistance to the most affected part of population.


Installation process
Care and Maintenance

Please check our blog for documentation of these efforts.

Want to help?

Feel free to contact us if you would like to donate to any particular foundation supporting the Aruba community or if you would like to make a contribution to our foundation. Every support is appreciated.






We help support a wide range of diverse wildlife including birds.