Aruba Airstream Experience

Featured Magazine

We had the distinct honor of not only being featured in Schwimmbad + Sauna but also making their 50th anniversary edition cover.

To say that we were shocked would not be an exaggeration. Schwimmbad+ Sauna is a monthly German magazine that is distributed in 7 European countries and for a little start-up to be featured in an 8-page spread would have been  incredible already. Did I mention that we weren’t even open yet? This happened all in the summer of 2018.  I need to give credit were credit is due. Matthias Malpricht who is a longtime childhood friend of mine and also so happens to be an amazing German photographer, flew to Aruba to vacation and take a bunch of pictures of this crazy idea I had J, why, because that’s what real friends do. We support each other’s dreams no matter how crazy they sounds in the beginning.

What I didn’t know and he failed to mention to me is that he frequently shoots for this magazine and happened to meet with the editor right after his return and naturally shared his vacation pictures from his exciting holiday in Aruba.

That’s how the ball got rolling and a couple of days later I had an email in my inbox requesting and interview J

I was hoping for a 1page mention, not in my wildest dreams did I expect this kind of write up and a cover. Thank you to and Matthias that made this happen. This was definitely a highpoint in my career. 

Check out Matthiase’s website if you are in need of a really good photographer in Germany.